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Generate marketing profit & loss reports.

Easy data analysis
Our guided wizard makes it easy to import and gather insights from your marketing data.
Report on your entire organization or a single campaign
Financial and ROI analysis on anything from your entire marketing orgaization or a single campaign, all made easy.
Compare your performance accurately
The tools you need to compare the returns on your marketing investments to one another and to investments in other orgs.
Your marketing return
Quickly and easily calculate ROI and ROAS. Compare campaign, platform, or organizational returns quickly and easily.

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Everything you need to report your maketing return

Marketing P&L Reports
Summarized marketing data focused on financial results.
ROI & ROAS Calculation
More than just P&Ls - meaningful metrics to show your marketing department's returns.
Quick and Easy Insights
A high-level view of your marketing result, tailored to the needs of the C-suite.
Share Your Findings
Export your reports as easy-to-share Excel files.


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